It was surreal and amazing to see this famous ancient city complete with a coliseum, the remains of street-side soup shops and a whore house with a McDonald's type ordering system(ex. I'll take position 4 and 7 with fries and a coke.) It was really amazing to see a couple of the people in the exact state they had been in when the ash fell. The people looked like rough clay models covered in ash and were amazingly preserved.One thing that was very puzzling about this area is that even though it is common knowledge that Vesuvius is still an active volcano and will erupt again, many people are moving into to the area surrounding Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius and some towns are even closer to the mountain that Pompeii. The Italian government is even offering people thirty thousand euros to leave their home and move away in order to try and reduce or avoid all together the imminent disaster.

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