Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is a beautiful Austrian town sandwiched between the alps with a beautiful vibrant blue river running down the middle. It's breathtaking beauty and fun atmosphere is hard to leave. When we got to Innsbruck they were wrapping up their Carnival celebrations as well and after a day of walking around the city and visiting the base of Nord Park, we went down to the main street to watch some parade floats full of drunk Austrians and playing deafeningly loud music be pulled through the street by snow plow tractors. The next day we took the Gondola up to the top Nord Park for a great view of the town, surrounding mountains, and to play in the snow. I came back the next day to do some skiing and decided that the best all season skiing seems to be in the US, as the snow was somewhat rough and a little wet. I enjoyed the skiing none the less and was glad to have gotten at least a day of skiing in for the season in the Alps.

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